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DBGT Final Bout Codes

Extra Fighters
When you are at the title screen, press right, left, down, up, right, left, down, up. If you entered the code correctly you will hear a sound to confirm it. When you begin the game and you should have six more fighters.
Submitted by James and Tyler Desiesky

Different Costumes

To wear different costumes, go to Training Mode or 2P Mode and simultaneously push SQUARE, X, CIRCLE while selecting a character.
Submitted by SSJ Gogeta

Spirit Bomb!

To do the spirit bomb chose regular Gokou and go to battle. Now press, forward, back, down, up, then triangle. Gokou will hold his hands over his head and charge up. This will take up half your ki power and only hurts bad guys!

Play as Bebi Vegita!
(The final boss)
To play as Bebi, hold Select and press Square at the character select screen, and hold until the match begins. When the match starts, you should be playing as Super Bebi.

Play as Gogeta!
(Vegita fused with Gokou)
To play as Gogeta you must beat the game on hard 20 times. After that, Gogeta should become a playable character.

Play as SS4 Goku

At the title screen, press triangle 5 times and square 9 times.

Unlock all the hidden characters
(except the final boss)
To unlock all the characters at the title screen (in the Japanese version) press: Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up. If done correctly you will hear a sound. Then press triagle 9 times and X 11 times after that you will hear the same sound.

Alternate way to get SSJ4 Goku

Beat the game on hard twice when you beat the game on hard the 2nd time, after Super Bebi you will fight SSJ4 Goku. Defeat him and you have this character to play as.
Submitted by SSJ4 Vegeta362 & Kreshton

Self-Destructing with Vegita and Majin Buu
To self-destruct with Vegita or Majin Buu press forward, back, down, up, and triangle. This will do alot of damage to the other player uses up half your ki.
Submitted by Patrick and Future Trunks

Play as Gotenks
(Goten Fused with Trunks)
First start out with GT Trunks (Trunks from DBGT), then beat the game nine times in hard in a row. Put your cursor on Trunks then select the character nine times and he should turn into Gotenks.
Submitted by Future Trunks

Get Lots of Fighters

All you have to do is finish the game once on hard without losing once. By doing this Super Gokou , SSJ Gokou , SSJ4 Gokou , SL Gokou, Super Trunks , SSJ Trunks and Vegetto!
Submitted By: The Great Raziel

Changing Pants

Press select and square and hold it until the match begins.
Submitted By: The Ripper

Graphic outline of all the characters

At the character select screen, hold triangle and square at the same time. Then choose a character. You will have some trouble selecting the character. Wait for the battle to start and you should have a blue outline of the character you chose
Submitted By: Super Bebi

Play as Cell
At the title screen, press tringle 4 times and square 14 times. After this, you will hear a beep. Then go to the Character part, choose Frieza and in the battle, hold X and Back. Frieza will fall to the ground. a black mist will cover him. Then Cell will come up.
Submitted By: Bobby

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Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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