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Son Gokuu

Young (Chibi) Gokuu was the main character in all of Dragon Ball and has been for the most part the most important character in Dragon Ball Z. He is found in all three shows of the Dragon Ball series dead or alive. Gokuu, one of the last of the Saiya-jin race, was originally sent to earth in a Saiya-jin spacepod to destroy all life-forms. Instead Gokuu, who could easily accomplish his task, falls, hits his head, and forgets his original purpose. He then becomes a more gentle boy fighting on the side of good.

Gokuu has never been very intelligient but he is very good at what he does (fighting). Akira Toriyama made him a very goofy character at times mostly because Akira was at heart a gag manga artist. Dragon Ball Z was a far more serious anime then Dragon Ball and Gokuu too took a more serious role. But before we get to Z lets talk a little about his family.

Back in Dragon Ball Ox King (Gyuu Mao) told Gokuu that if he rescued his daughter Chi-Chi and brought Muten Roshi to his castle he could have his daughters hand in marriage. He did what he was supposed to but young Gokuu just left and searched for the Dragon Balls with his friends. Later on in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Gokuu all grown up (still a bachelor) gets called by a woman with long black hair (Gee, I wonder who that is...). He doesn't remember who she is and displays her temper by stomping off angrily. Later on they are matched together in a fight where Gokuu learns that she is strong (still not a match for Gokuu though. This is when Gokuu remembers who she is (Chi-Chi helps). She then asks if he wants to get marride and numb Gokuu replies with, "I don't know what kind of food this is." She gets mad again but the marriage process is explained to him (that was not a typo). This time his response was, "Sure, why not?"

Later on they would have their first son Gohan, who had the potential to be an extremely power fighter (his mother's keeps his nose in the books instead of the battlefield). Then several months after Gokuu dies Goten is born... Goten who resembled his father greatly, met him for the first time during the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Gokuu was brought back at the time for a period of one day for the tournament. Here he doesn't get to fight in it because a Kaioshin arrives and Babidi's men steal Gohan's energy to resurrect Buu. That began the Buu saga...

In DBGT he becomes a child because Pilaf accidentally wishes for him to become one. His intention was to make a wish to rule the world but while talking to Gokuu he mentions that he wish that Gokuu were still a very young child that even he could beat. Then Shen Long hears this and grants it! In his new body Gokuu is still himself but much smaller and just as powerful. Well not exactly, Gokuu cannot stay in SSJ 3 as long as he used to and he can't use his Instantaneous Movement (teleportation, instant transmission) unless he goes SSJ 4.

In the end after beating his last enemies (evil dragons) he goes away with Shen Long taking all the dragon balls with them. After a couple of decades you see Pan (Gokuu's grandaughter) as an old lady watching the Tenkaichi Budokai's final you round. In it were Gokuu Jr. and Vegeta Jr. both able to go SSJ. Pan also spots Gokuu in his normal body watching the tournament. But he leaves before she could talk to him... It is one of the most emotional episodes in all of Dragon Ball and perhaps TV in general.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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