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Longer Wait... Higher Quality?

June 6 2001

     Today FUNimation has announced on their official DBZ and DB site that Dragon Ball will come out one month later. To insure "quality," FUNimation will help delay the DB release schedule. Instead of viewing the original Dragon Ball with the original music score on the 25th of this month we will be must view them on the 23rd of July at the earliest. This as long as FUNimation doesn't plan on affecting the airdate once again.

The following is directly from the Official DBZ site:

Dragon Ball, which was scheduled to begin airing on Cartoon Network June 25, is now scheduled to begin July 23. FUNimation deeply apologizes that the airdate has again been changed. We do not anticipate any more rescheduling and appreciate your patience. We are taking every measure to ensure that the series is of the highest quality. Dragon Ball will remain in its original time slot, immediately following Dragon Ball Z. The first 28 episodes of DB will air and will contain the original music from the Japanese series. It's going to be a blast, so be sure to tune in July 23.

Stay plugged in here for updates and news. Remember, if these episodes are successful CN will pick up the entire series, so tell you friends to watch.


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