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Episode 6 "Beautiful Assassin"

The Summary

Today's episode starts off with Gene and the others, trying to make a somewhat safe landing at the docking area on Sentinel 3. Things seem to be not going very well for them in this endeavor however, as Gene has never landed a ship in his life. However, after a few tense moments, Gene and Melfina manage to take care of everything, and set the ship down safely, albeit not gently. Gene tells the docking personnel to take them to the cheapest dock area, stating that "The Outlaw Star may be registered at Blue Heaven, but it's crew was from Sentinel 3". After they disembark the ship, Gene insists that they set out to find Fred Lou, so they could buy equipment and weapons for the Outlaw Star.

When Gene and his crew arrive at Fred Lou's they are greeted heartily by Fred. After introductions are made, and small talk aside, Gene asks Fred to furnish the Outlaw Star with equipment and weapons. Fred asks how Gene is going to pay for this, and Gene responds "When I make it big". However, this does not sit well with Fred, who says he will do an assessment on how much everything will cost, but certainly can't give it to him in hopes that one day he'll make it big. Fred says he will compose a list of what they need, and present it to him in a few minutes. With that taken care of, Fred goes into his office, to deal with the mysterious visitor that has just arrived in his shop. Once inside his office, he reads the letter that his visitor has presented him with, and reads off what is needed by the visitors employer. However, the mysterious visitor decides to reveal herself at that moment, stating that the letter was fake, and so was the name she gave him. She quickly dispatches the guards on either side of her, and then reveals herself to be none other than the much sought after, Twilight Suzuka. Twilight gives Fred exactly five minutes to write a letter of farewell to whoever he may before she finishes him off. After two minutes are up, Gene comes into the office saying that he had completed the list. He is immediately attacked by Suzuka, however is able to react fast enough and jumps out of the way of her sword slice. They quickly engage in battle with Gene firing off a few shots only to find out she has a light shield and is protected against his bullets. Twilight takes his moment of distraction at this to launch herself at him, swinging her Bodaki(wooden sword) down at his head. She is momentarily held at bay by Gene's own light shield until it gives way underneath her powerful onslaught. He quickly dodges the sword slice, and jumps away, quickly turning to prepare for another attack when Twilight's timer goes off, indicating that she has failed at her assigned duty for the day. Twilight blows a hole through the ceiling and makes a hasty departure as the guards start to revive from her attack.

Fred expresses much gratitude for Gene helping him and saving his life, but pleads with Gene to become his bodyguard until Twilight's employer is killed, or she is persuaded to give up on her assignment. Gene agrees, but only on the condition that Fred furnish the Outlaw Star with everything on his list. Fred quickly agrees, stating that Twilight is a top-notch assassin, and that no-one has ever survived one of her attacks. Gene takes this into account, and then adds a few missile's to his list of things he wants for the Outlaw Star. After the arrangements have been made, Gene and the others leave Fred's shop in order to find a hotel for the night so that they can get some sleep before Twilight showed up again tomorrow. As soon as they walk out in the street though, they are confronted with Twilight who introduces herself to Gene and states that she wishes to fight him. Gene introduces himself, not knowing that an introduction is all that is required from her to start the battle. Gene is quickly sent running, not prepared for her powerful onslaught. He runs through streets and finally turns down a side alley, which he runs through and comes out onto another street. He weaves through the oncoming traffic as quickly as possible to get to the other side. Twilight begins her pursuit but is momentarily stalled when a huge bus looms in front of her. With a powerful stroke of her sword, she splits the bus in half. Gene applauds and asks if she used some secret technique. Twilight replies stating "that a secret technique is not needed for one who runs from battle". At that moment, James pulls up in the rental car, Gene hops in, and they speed off, in hopes of losing her. Not to be foiled so easily, Twilight jumps onto a car right behind them, and follows them out of the city.

Gene and James finally stop out in a deserted place on Sentinel 3, determined to finally battle it out with Twilight. Twilight quickly jumps off a nearby rock formation and tries to end the battle quickly with a head decapitating swing of her sword. Gene has a special trick up his sleeve however, and is able to catch and hold the sword with his light-shield for a little while. However, the motors in the bracelets that generate his light shield quickly die off due to the incredible amount of strain they are being put through. Always thinking ahead, Gene dodges the strike and skillfully knocks the sword out of Twilight's hands, and sends spinning into the ground about 20 yards away. A mad dash ensues to see who gets there first, with the winner appearing to be Twilight. Not to be outdone, Gene grabs onto her sash and pulls, sending Twilight into a spin and basically disrobing her. He reaches the sword, and refuses to give it, or her sash, back, until Twilight agrees not to go after Fred until she beats him in battle.

In the closing moments of the episode, we see Gene back at Fred's shop, with Gene finishing up some last minute negotiating. Fred asks where to send all of the equipment to, and then tells Gene that he has 700,000 yen left to buy stuff with. Gene asks him how he figured that out, and Fred replies that he deducted what he already bought from how much it would take to hire Twilight to kill someone, and he came up with 700,000 as the balance leftover. To be continued....

The Review

Today's animation was superb. Absolutely some of the best anime I've seen, period. The fight scenes were definitely something else, and seeing Twilight Suzuka split that huge bus in half was really neat. There were some other great scenes to, such as when Gene was trying to land the Outlaw Star on Sentinel 3, and when Twilight made her exit out of Fred Lou's office. It seems like, so far, that this anime is not going to be no flash in the pan.

Music was all right today. Nothing stunning, but certainly nothing bad about it at all. None of it really stood out to me above anything else, however, I did notice it, which keeps it from getting to low of a review. So far, out of everything I've seen or heard on this anime, the music is the only real spot that could be really improved to help out the anime overall.

I really liked how they had the dialogue today. The new voices of Fred and Twilight were perfect sounding for their individual character, and the verbal exchanges between the characters were excellent, not a single flaw could I even begin to detect. I'm never going to get over the Outlaw Star's computer voice, and how realistic it seems to be. That is exactly how I would picture a talking computer to sound like.

Overall, today's episode was definitely right up the standard that it set for itself with the first episode. I definitely have to say that this anime doesn't appear to be no flash in the pan, and if all continues to go well, it should be on for quite a while, providing it doesn't run out of episodes to show anytime soon.

Hiro Gives today's episode a rating of 4.5/5

-Hiro DBZN Staff

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