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Bardock Special Delayed

October 1, 2000

     Fans waiting for the Bardock Special will have to wait a little longer. It seems that FUNimation will delay yet another one of their products. FUNimation has put Bardock Special on hold as of now. It was originally supposed to come out sometime this month.

     Bardock Special is a TV special shown in Japan (long long ago!) based on Gokou's father Bardock. This takes place in the past when the Planet Vegita (Bhejitta for all you hardcore fans out there)still existed. It starts out with Gokou being born while Bardock is away conquering another planet with his men for our favorite tyrant Frieza (Furiza).

     I won't go into it anymore because it would be a major spoiler to those who haven't seen it. If you are a true DBZ fan then watch it because this movie is great! It has a great animation, action , plot and emotional impact.

     I recommend it in the Japanese version unless you guys don't mind FUNimation editing this great special to death.

-Kaio-sama, Editor in Chief

Source: Anime Nation

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