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Taco Bell's Digimon Promo

September 30, 2000

      Taco Bell and Saban Entertainment, producers of the popular "Digimon: Digital Monsters" cartoon series, are back with another big promotion. This time around it's the October 6th debut of the Digimon movie, cunningly titled "Digimon: The Movie," that's receiving the attention. The promotional item will be collector "cels," cool see-through cards that offer a "freeze-frame" look at your favorite Digimon scenes from the movie. A total of 48 different framed cels will be offered, with the cels offered three at a time --- plus a movie strip decorated with characters designed for stacking and collecting the cels --- with each purchase of a Taco Bell Kids Meal. You can also purchase random three-cel packages for an extra 99 cents each. The promotion is scheduled to run until November 15th, or as they always say, while supplies last.


Source: UMJAMS

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