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Random Hints

September 25, 2000

     - The characters in the pictures are from the following series aired on Toonami: DBZ, SailorMoon, Tenchi Muyo, Ronin Warriors(yes I know it is no longer aired), and Gundam Wing.

     - One of the images is hidden in the big "News" archive in one of the past articles.

     - None of the images are of the same character twice, and most of the pictures are not the main characters from the shows, excluding 2 of them.

Note: In the previous "Random Hints" message, I mentioned that one of the pictures was included on every page. That does NOT mean that there is a different picture located on every page. It only means that one of the pictures is located at a spot that makes the link to it appear on almost every page. Excluding "DBZN Stores" and the Forum.

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