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Vital Contest Info

September 23, 2000

     Hey everyone, I would just like to say a few more things about the contest. The winner of this contest is whoever can send in the correct submission with all the required info first. If after a given amount of time people are still having trouble, I will be giving out hints, and they will be posted in the News. I will be giving out hints whenever I feel like it, so you should check back at the DBZ Network periodically. So the next hint could be tomorrow..or in another week. And also, if no one is able to provide me with all the required info in an extended amount of time, I will announce in the news that whoever can send me the MOST answers/info will win. But again DO NOT send partial submissions (ex: Only telling me who 5 of the Anime Characters are) until I say so. Or else that email address has already given me its submission and therefore that address is excluded. Good Luck!

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