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DBZ Bounces Back

September 19, 2000

     DBZ has once again returned to the number two spot in the Lycos Top 50. This came at no surprise to us because we knew that DBZ's popularity would increase when the new episodes cameout on CN. DBZ also came very close to the number one spot. Had it not been for the Olympics, DBZ would be number one right now. For those that aren't familiar with the Lycos Top 50, it is a list of the most searched items on the Lycos owned search engines that is updates every week.

     Will DBZ become the most searched item on the internet? So far we can't say for sure but their is an extremely high chance. This site's search log shows an increase of 30-50 % of DBZ related searches that lead to this site since last week. So unless the Olympics have a huge lead over DBZ there is a good chance DBZ may become number one as early as next week. The Lycos Top 50 committee doesn't reveal how many Olympic searches there have been but they did indicate that the Olympics had a huge lead over the competition. So it is safe to assume that the Olympics do in fact have a significant lead over Dragon Ball Z.

     I guess in the end we will just have to wait and see. Check back here later for more info.


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