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Viz Donates Comics

September 11, 2000

     According to Planet Namek and the latest Wizard issue, Viz will be donating $100,000 dollars worth of comics to libraries. Although I would prefer them to use up more of there resources to sell unedited Dragon Ball comics. If they can be noble enough to donate comics so kids can learn about other cultures they should be able to sell unaltered DB comics.

Here is a bit from the latest issue of Wizard:

As a final step on the way to world domination, manga titles have officially taken over America's libraries. Viz Comics recently donated $100,000 in comics and graphic novels to many of America's public libraries. Viz and the libraries are hoping these titles will encourage young children and teens to use the resources available to them, in addiction to increasing the readership of some of Viz's most popular titles. Gundam Wing, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z are some of the titles that Viz is putting on the shelves, and the response has been positive so far. "I'm certain that San Fransico teens will be thrilled with these titles," said Jennifer Collins, a librarian at the San Fransico Public Library. The libraries that Viz gave books to ranges from California to Ohio, including Dallas TX, Seattle, WA; Madison WI; and Los Angeles CA. Viz is determined to keep libraries stocked as long as there is a demand."


Source(s): Planet Namek

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