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New Sailor Moon Episodes

September 9, 2000

     According to the Save Our Sailors (SOS) website, Cartoon Network will start airing new Sailor Moon episodes late September or early October. The new episodes (SuperS series) will revolve more around Rini more than Sailor Moon (Serena) and will introduce a whole new storyline for the Sailor Scouts.

     Here is a snip from SOS concerning the new season: "In late September or possibly early October, the network intends to premiere the English dub of the 'Sailormoon SuperS' (SuperS) television series."

     In addition, during the recent Sailor Moon series, Cartoon Network decided to skip a certain episode because of controversial material. In other words, there was nudity and therefore could not show the entire episode. However, since the series is now in its second showing, CN is expecting to air that episode on September 13.

     Here is what SOS had to say about the situation: "On Friday, July 21, 2000, the Cartoon Network should have presented the next episode of 'Sailor Moon S' but didn't. Instead, it skipped an episode. It turns out that the episode was rejected because the Monster Of The Day (known in the original as the daimon Uchoten) was, '...Again too naked!' And also that some edits should have been made."

     The dates above are not official and are subject to change. We will have more information in the near future.


Source(s): Cartoon Campaign & SOS

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