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The Best is Yet to Come...Toonami Style!

September 9, 2000

     Do you miss Toonami Movies? Coming soon in October, the new Toonami Movies will return with brand spanking new movies! To get a taste of what's going to show, keep your eyes on the page!

     On October 20, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz will make its anticipated appearance on Toonami. Endless Waltz will be showing sometime this month in Canada as well. In addition to Endless Waltz, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight (Superman and Batman) will team up and invade Toonami in "The World's Finest." This too will be making its first appearance on Toonami.

     Making its return to Toonami Movies is the Dragonball Z movie, "The World's Strongest," which will air on November 3.

     If that's not enough to satisfy your Toonami hunger, between now and mid-November, Cartoon Network will also air the Blue Submarine miniseries and new episodes of Sailor Moon! The best is yet to come! Stay tuned!


Source: Toonami Revolution

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