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YTV Newsletter

October 31, 2000

     YTV, a cable network in Canada (sort of like CN in the US), has posted/emailed their latest newsletter. This provides info on their latest schedule which includes DBZ.

Heres a part of it that concerns Dragon Ball Z:

You can catch new episodes of 'DragonBall Z' starting September 15, 2000. Please remember that because we do not have possession of all the new episodes, we aren't going to be able to air new episodes every day. However, we will air the new episodes as soon as we receive them. You'll have to keep watching to catch all the action!


We are pleased to announce on Thursday November 23, 2000 YTV will be airing 3 new episodes of 'Dragonball Z' back to back. Mark your calendars, tell all your friends! Beginning at 7:30pm E/P we will air episode # 126, "The Reunion', followed by episode #127, "Borrowed Powers" at 8:00pm E/P, then at 8:30pm E/P, catch episode # 128, " His Name is Cell". Please remember, all schedules are subject to change without notice.

Current schedule for 'DragonBall Z' is:

Friday at 6pm E/P -- new episodes when available
Monday at 8pm and 8:30 E/P -- new episodes when available
Monday to Friday at 4am E/P -- will be repeating previous seasons

At this time we have no plans to adjust our schedule to move 'Dragonball Z' back into the Zone. We are sorry if this is disappointing for you to hear, however, starting November 6, 2000, 'Dragonball Z' will air 4 nights a week. Beginning that week you can catch DBZ on Mondays at 8:00pm E/P, Tuesdays at 8:00pm E/P, Thursday at 8:00pm E/P and on Friday at 6:00pm E/P. Repeats will continue to air Monday to Friday at 4:00am E/P. Please note that all schedules are subject to change without notice. Please be assured that all feedback has been forwarded to our programming department for their future consideration.

Please note that YTV has no plans to air 'DragonBall GT' anytime soon (Be assured that the Programming Department knows that DBZ fans want YTV to air the GT series). There are also no plans to air the original 'DragonBall' series, as our contract for these episodes has expired. We also do not have plans at this time to air any DBZ movies.

YTV airs DBZ in the format that we receive it from our distributors. We do NOT edit the program at YTV and therefore we do not control what gets taken out. Canadian television standards must be adhered to and may be different from those in other countries.

Many of you have asked us for copies of 'Dragonball Z'. We are glad to hear that you enjoy the show so much that you would like your own copy, but at present YTV does not provide copies of our programs. We hope you can understand that we simply do not have a service in place to accommodate such requests. Also, we feel it is important to note that we are generally only licensed to broadcast programs and not to distribute them.

Source: Planet Namek


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