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eBay Cracks Down on Videos

October 20, 2000

     Looks like eBay will be banning the sale of unauthorized video in any format whether it be VHS, VCD, or DVD. This will most likely anger many Anime fans that have been getting new Anime hot from Japan with eBay's excellent auctioning system.

The following statement was made by eBay a couple of days ago:

The following is provided as information to help you avoid selling a potentially infringing movie item. This information is provided for all listings in this category and in no way implies anything about the listing you are currently submitting.

Sale of "Awards" videos, such as Academy Awards or Emmy "screeners," is considered by movie studios to be an infringement. eBay Policy: Sales of 70mm and 35mm film prints may not be listed on eBay, regardless of the legality of your particular item. Sales of unauthorized copies of movies, whether on video, VCD, DVD or other media, probably is a copyright infringement. Offering to sell infringing items may result in the ending of your listings and/or suspension

For more details on how to protect yourself from selling potentially infringing music-related items, visit our Movies, Music and Photos and Prohibited, Questionable and Infringing Items pages.

Source: UMJAMS


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