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Card Captors Sakura to show on The WB

According to the World's Finest News page Kid's WB did not do especially well in the May Sweeps. As a result things will be shaking up in their Saturday Morning lineup as of June 17th. Pokemon will be cut from three episodes to one. The CGI show Max Steel has been dumped, possible to be moved to Friday afternoon. The most noteworthy addition is Card Captors (formerly Card Captor Sakura), which as apparently been moved up from its scheduled September debut. The new Saturday morning lineup will be:

  • 8:00am The New Batman/Superman Adventures
    • 8:30am Batman Beyond
    • 9:00am Pokemon
    • 9:30am Cardcaptors (NEW SERIES)
    • 10:00am Wild Card (?)
    • 10:30am Wild Card (?)
    • 11:00am Men In Black
    • 11:30am Detention

Sources: UNJAMS Anime News

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