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Anime Expo Packed With Visitors

Anime Expo has announce yet more guests for their already packed roster. Voice actress Rika Fukami will be attending as a guest of honor. American fans will know her best as Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and as Myung from Macross Plus. Other roles include Angela in Kurogane Communication, Helen Jackson in V Gundam, and Akiko in Prefectural Earth Defense Force. Currently, Ms. Fukami is portraying one of the "Mystery Characters" in the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OVAs.

Also attending the Anime Expo convention as a guest of honor will be Yu Watase. Best known as the manga artist behind Fushigi Yugi, Yu Watase is recently finished the manga Ayashi no Ceres, which is currently being animated by Studio Pierrot.

Another guest of honor will be Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of Sailor Moon. In 1996, he founded the creative collective BePapas. As a part of BePapas, Mr. Ikuhara created and directed the TV show Revolutionary Girl Utena and the 1999 Utena Movie, Revelations of Adolescence. His latest work includes the book co-authored with Mamoru Nagano, Schell. Another guest of honor from Bepapas will be the manga artist Chiho Saito, who is best known as the manga artist and original character designer.

Source: UNJAMS Anime News

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