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Brian Drummond Coming Back To DBZ ?

Before you guys read on I would like to say this is strictly a rumor. It may or may not be true. But some great sources believe that it may be true. It seems Brian Drummond the guy who used to be one of the voice actor for the American DBZ seasons one and two may return. He has previously done Vegita's and Yajirobes voices. He has also had the following voice over roles.

Gundam Wing -- Zechs Merquise

Key the Metal Idol -- Hikaru Tsurugi
Monkey Magic -- Baidi ?
Spiderman Unlimited -- Venom
Monster Rancher -- Tiger of the Wind
Beast Machines -- Jetstorm
Cybersix -- Lucas Amato
Sonic Underground -- Knuckles

Source: The B.A.D. Mini-Shrine You can also visit this site for more information on Brian Drummond

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