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Better DBZ Action Figures

These Are the Deluxe 5" Action Figures

Great news for DBZ fans especially those that collect are plan to collect action figures. Irwin is finally have some decent never before seen action figures. The new ones are much more detailed and better looking. Don't take my word for it look at the image to the write. It and all the other pictures are from provided by Irwin themselves.

These toys also make up for the old poor excuse for toys that even Funimation was embarrassed by. In the old toys by Bandai gave characters like Kuilin (Krillin, Kuririn) a machine gun. They were not only inacurately made but they also lacked the detail and quality the new ones have. If you are planning on buying a some DBZ Action Figures I definately reccommend that you wait for these to get to the market.

More Great DBZ Action Figure Images

Freeza in his 2nd form
Bulma with Captain Ginyu (transformed to a frog)
Kamesennin (Master Roshi)
Garlic Jr.

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