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Toonami to grow by 1 hour

An article on Kid Screen states than in July Cartoon Network's Toonami block will grow an hour, and will run from 4:00 to 7:00. "We find that it resonates with our audience. They request it all the time," says Dea Perez, VP of programming. "A couple of the producers here came up with the idea to do a block that would appeal to video game players-the nine- to 14-year-olds. We do get a broader range than that but we try to concentrate on [the tweens]." Of CN's recent acquisitions, Perez cites Gundam Wing, an anime show from Bandai airing during Toonami, as an example of the kind of program that Cartoon is on the look out for, though she also contends that Toei's Dragon Ball Z-yet another Toonami show-is one of the net's best acquired programs. CN also picked up the rights to Tenchi Muyo!, which will debut in the 4:30 p.m. slot on the block. All details for the extended July block have not yet been finalized, but Toonami will include new episodes of Sailor Moon. Cartoon will also be introducing a new co-production on the block this fall, only its second since it did Big Bag with Children's Television Workshop in 1996. This time, Cartoon has paired with Hasbro for 26 half-hour episodes of Centipede, an action-adventure show based on the video game. While Perez won't reveal Cartoon's budget for acquisitions, she does say that it's generally divided into thirds. "One-third is Cartoon Theater, our movie block; one-third is Toonami; and the other third is made up of the Warner Bros. series and features that we end up acquiring." The article can be read here.

Source(s): Casual Otaku

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