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Fort Worth Star Telegram prints article about DBZ

The Fort Worth Star Telegram has printed a Dragon Ball Z article on the front of its business page. "That's certainly the buzz out there," said Gen Fukunaga, president of Funimation Productions. "Kids are graduating out of Pokemon." And a lot of money is being made on it. Funimation gets no royalties from the Burger King deal, but something perhaps far more valuable, Fukunaga said. Fukunaga is a nephew of an executive at Toei Animation in Japan, which produces Dragonball Z and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Fukunaga, originally from Sunnyvale, Calif., recommended the series when his former IBM co- worker Daniel Cocanougher was looking for investments with brother Daniel and father Allen, both of Decatur. Fukunaga wouldn't disclose current Dragonball Z sales but says the company, which employs 50, has "way more cash flow than we know what to do with." That extra money is likely to go to purchasing the rights to another Japanese anime series, Funuaga said. The equity marketing plan puts all the product and promotion costs on Burger King, giving Dragonball Z free exposure to 25 million fast-food patrons. The article can be read here.

Source(s): The Casual Otaku

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