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Gundam Action Figures Debut

Information about the upcoming Gundam Wing action figures has been unveiled. Interestingly the assortment of action figures include the Endless Waltz Gundams (Gundam Wing Zero Custom, Deathscythe Hell Custom, Sandrock Custom, Heavy Arms Custom and Nataka). The BASIC assortment will consist of 12 action figures, measuring 4 1/2" tall, with 14 points of articulation for the retail price of $5.99. The basic series consists of:

  1. Wing Gundam- beam sword and shield
  2. Gundam Deathsythe- shield transforms to gigantic scissors
  3. Gundam Heavy Arms- duel gattling gun
  4. Gundam Sandrock- twin swords and shield
  5. Gundam Shen-Long- extending right Dragon arm
  6. Tallgeese- long rifle cannon
  7. Gundam Epyon- heat rod and beam sword
  8. Mobile Suit LEO - ARMY VERSION
  9. Mobile Suit LEO - SPACE VERSION
  10. Tallgeese II- long rifle cannon
  11. Sandrock CUSTOM- twin swords, shield
  12. Gundam Nataka(u?)

The deluxe series will retail for $7.99 each and consists of:

  1. Wing Gundam Zero- transforms into Neo-Bird Mode and is armed with a beam sword and a shield
  2. Gundam Deathsythe Hell- features oversized body-armor that opens up for battle mode and is armed with an awesome twin beam sythe.
  3. Altron Gundam- arms extend for Twin Dragon arms and is armed with a moveable tail-style weapon.
  4. Gundam Deathsythe Hell CUSTOM
  5. Wing Gundam Zero CUSTOM- transforms into Neo-Bird Mode and his duel rifles combine into one.
  6. Gundam Heavy Arms CUSTOM- features two duel gattling guns plus missile launchers.


Source(s): UNJAMS Anime News

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