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New Ninja Scroll Action Figures, and more

Beginning in early 2001 the combined forces of The Mars Colony and Palisades Marketing will begin releasing several ultra cool products based upon Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s cult classic anime feature 'Ninja Scroll'. “From the first time I saw Ninja Scroll I thought these characters would be perfect for an action figure line. Now I'm fortunate enough to be help make this “fan boys” dream come true,” said Mike Renegar, Palisades Executive Vice President.

Steve Ortiz, Vice President of The Mars Colony, stated, "We are honored to be working with Animation Studio Mad House on this the first of several lines based on Mr. Kawajiri's master works. Furthermore, to be working with Palisades, a company which sets the standards for detail and quality in this industry, assures that this will be one of the best anime lines ever produced!" Still in it's planning stages, the first action figure line-up will include Jubei, the reluctant hero for hire, Kagero, the brooding female ninja of the Koga clan, Tessai, the stony monstrosity with a boomerang sword, Shijima, master of stealth and misdirection who strikes from the shadows with his metal claw and Mushizo, the disfigured dwarf that houses a swarm of wasps in his misshapen back.

In addition to the action figures, which are being designed using Kawajiri’s artwork as a guide, Mars colony and Palisades plans to release high end resin statues, wall scrolls and a collectible lunch box. This first in the highly detailed resin series will be Jubei and his arch rival Lord Gemma, the undying commander of the Devils of Kimon. The resins will be the first product to be released some time this winter.

Source: The Casual Otaku

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