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The Toonami's New Lineup

The Toonami lineup will be revised starting Monday, September 4th. For starts new episodes of Dragon Ball Z will be shown. for the first time ever, neither Sailor Moon nor Thundercats is starting up the block. ReBoot, the first computer-animated series on network television, relaunches in the lead show timeslot at 4 PM EST/PST. Sailor Moon will be shown at 4:30. Dragon Ball Z will be shown at 5:00 and Gundam Wing will be shown at 5:30. Tenchi Muyo will main at 6:00, and Batman: The Animated Series will be shown at 6:30. Kid's WB will no longer be showing its New Batman/Superman Adventures incarnation, and there is speculation that these episodes might make their way to Cartoon Network. The Saturday morning Rising Sun lineup will remain the same (Thundercats hour, Sailor Moon, Tenchi, DBZ, Powerpuff Girls), but start at 10:00 am rather than 9:00.

Source: UMJAMS

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