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DBZ The 2nd Most Searched Item Online

After long while Dragon Ball Z has finally retaken its position as the 2nd most searched item on Lycos. In the the last couple of weeks DBZ has been outsearched by things like Napster trial, The hit TV show Big Brother, The Firestone tire recalls, Britney Spears (talentless singer), and Survivor another hit TV show. All of the those items (except Britney) went up temporarily for about 1-3 weeks, mostly because of huge press by the news or because lots TV coverage. DBZ suprisingly, has been in the top 5, (even number 2 many times) without any of these. But on Sept. 4th 2000 something huge will happen to the DBZ.

As most fans already know, the new season 4 will finally air on the Cartoon Network on the 4th of Sept. This will most likely be a huge boost to DBZ related searches on the net. Also Britney isn't doing anything major lately, so her popularity might decrease slightly. Even if she doesn't lose popularity the new episodes might be all it takes to get DBZ to the number one spot! Check back next week for more info or check out the Lycos Top 50.

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