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Pokemon Losing Popularity?

     After quite a long time at number one, Pokemon has finally stopped dominating the Lycos Top 50. It is no longer the internet's (or atleast Lycos') most searched item. It tumbled all the way down to number four. Dragon Ball Z fell to number five but that should change as soon as DBZ's Season four airs on CN. The internet however, is not the only place Pokemon has lots its popularity.

Here is what the Washington Post had to say:

"The opening weekend of "Pokemon: The Movie 2000" grossed $19.6 million compared with last November's first Pokemon film weekend opener of $31 million--and the new film's box office returns skidded 68 percent this past weekend to $6.3 million. What's more, some toy stores are reporting slower sales, price slashing and inventory cutbacks. And, in its July-August issue, a leading children's consumer magazine, Zillions, reports that two-thirds of 100 children surveyed said Pokemon is on its way out."


     Is this the end of Pokemon's domination in the kiddy department. (unfortunately I know way too many people 15 and older that are obssessed with it) I really hope so, I am sick and tired of Pokemon this Pokemon that.

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