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Watch free anime over the net!

Great news anime fans you can now watch free entire anime movies over the internet. and Yahoo! have lots of great anime to watch over several internet connections. Here is what the Casual Otaku had to say:

Yes, it's true. You could be watching anime for free, thanks to Yahoo & Central Park Media. Not only that, but you could be watching it right now, while you are reading this article. I'm watching one of the Project A-KO films as I write this. Not on my TV mind you, but on my PC, over the Internet.

Yahoo has merged with and offers a wide variety of streaming audio and video. Of course we are most interested that they offer a selection of anime. All of the titles they currently offer are from Central Park Media. They include selections from the afore mentioned Project A-KO as well as Peacock King, Big Wars, Sohryuden - Legend of the Dragon Kings and The Silent Service. Sure, they may not be the most popular titles, but they can be entertaining. I personally enjoy Peacock King. By the way these aren't just previews, they are the entire stories.

They have an Internet-Only Anime Channel that plays selections from their library (you are given the choice between a 56K or 300K connection). They also have sections where you can choose what you would like to watch. One for those who still use dial-up connections, and a another for Broadband users.

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