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Cell's Complete (Episode 145)

The Summary

     Today's episode marks the final completion of Cell as he finishes his transformation. With Vegeta looking on, Trunks, Krillin and 16 are awestruck by the power of Cell. Trunks tries to reach Cell before his transformation is complete, but to no avail. Bummer.

     Meanwhile, Gohan and Goku continue to train in the hyberbolic time chamber, with Goku being forced to go all out against Gohan at his request. Because of this, he charges up and lets loose on his own son. With Gohan thinking about all those he let down, and all those who constantly have saved him, he finally reaches SSJ! But after deflecting the attack, he still has some rage. Understandable.

     Back outside, Trunks and Krillin try to fight Cell, who doesn't even flinch or attempt to strike back until he's ready. Guess who he decides to attack first? That's right the DBZ Whipping Boy, Krillin. One kick and it looks like Krillin is dead….

The Review

ANIMATION: We finally got to see the perfect Cell, looks kind of like Goku with a Frieza-ish look about his face. Guess that would figure since their cells were incorporated. Not too bad. The transformation in the beginning obviously took a lot of time and effort to do, and it really showed. Very Nice!

CAMERA WORK/CHOREOGRAPHY: Once again, a good animation score carries over here. The transformation sequence was once again the main thing for choreography.

VOICE ACTING: Well, Cell's voice changed again, slightly, not too bad. Everything else was pretty on track, even with Trunks' emphatic promise to fight no matter what.

DIALOGUE: The main dialogue in this episode was the dialogue between Gohan and his father, and with himself in the time chamber. They did some nice blending of the dialogue to create the suspense for Gohans accomplishment. I liked it. I thought I might have become a super-Celestrian after shouting in RAGE at my computer. "The power comes from a need, not a desire…"

PLOT: Cell's complete, there's the plot. "What do we do now?" That's the question which will lead to the climax. Again, a transitory episode to prepare for some major action. You know I can't wait!!!!!

OVERALL: I must first apologize, for suring this episode I was trying to watch AND fix my computer, which would not complete its startup sequence when loading the OS. Therefore, I did not pay as much attention to the summary elements this time. I do apologize, and completely understand if you feel this review is a little thin compared to my other reviews. All in all however, amidsts my own screams for more power over my computer, seeing Gohan reach Super-Saiyan for the first time was truly a momentus occasion.

The Celestrian gives today's episode an overall score of: 4.6/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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