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Krillin's Decision (Episode 143)

The Summary

     Todays episode continued with Cell pleading for Vegeta to let him merge with Android 18 so that he could than challenge Vegeta and help him discover the "True depths of his power." Yeah, sure.

     Krillin is on the scene, and after finding where 18 is hiding, is having a bit of difficulty in pushing the button. He keeps thinking about that kiss that she gave him, and after a very long discussion in his head, Krillin ends up destroying the device. Oops, that might turn out to be a bigger mistake than anyone realizes, but then again, if he did, then the Cell saga would have finished up in a real hurry, wouldn't it?

     So as Cell is about to embark on finding the 18, who stops him, Trunks! In an effort to bypass him, Cell whines to Vegeta to tell his son to let him do his thing. Just then, he and trunks spot 18 and now it's a matter of who gets there first!…

The Review

ANIMATION: Decent. We had some pretty fluid action in the very beginning, but then it turned into a talk-fest. I was very surprised with the still art that abounded in this episode with the quality rendering. However, there really isn't anything that detracted from the animation.
4.5/5 (Animation) 5/5 (Still Art) = 4.75/5

CAMERA WORK/CHOREOGRAPHY: Once again, a good animation score carries over here. However, because of the talking and the still art, we did not see anything that dynamic like Friday's episode.

MUSIC / SOUND: Just like every other episode. I don't think I'll include this category anymore for episode reviews unless something new happens.

VOICE ACTING: Very Good, considering there was a lot of it today. Krillin's voice reflected his emotional conflict very well. But the voices are the same, and we haven't had Cell's voice change yet….

DIALOGUE: Some serious action in this department today. The dialogue highlight was Krillin fighting with himself on whether or not he should deactivate 18. We even had him banter back and forth with his "yes" side, and his "no" side. Whoopdedoo, right? Wrong. This kind of psychological rendering was really the only thing that kept this episode from becoming a waste. Combined with the still art memory flashes, this was a highly effective method. I liked this very much, and appealed to my "artsie" side today.

PLOT: For as much dialogue, not much happened, or so we first think. Cell whined for Vegeta to let him absorb 18, Vegeta lets him. Bada Bing, Bada Boom. There's your "main plot" for today. However,the sub plot of Krillin was the highlight (hence, "Krillin's decision") so this little tangent plays a big part of the "main plot" when Krillin destroys the device to "Turn off"18. Very clever, and I guess provided the original animation crew with a "break" episode, by not have to draw so much action that I know made their wrists hurt.

OVERALL: I was really disappointed until I sat for about 15 minutes and absorbed the episode. On first glance, not much happens, only 5 minutes of tangible action, and a lot of dribble coming from their mouths that seem like garbage. It was only after really thinking about Krillins dilemma and the combination of the still did I truly appreciate this episode, not for the action, but for the serious thought that went into this conflict. This really rounded out Krillin's character very well, adding to his depth of personality and emotion. Yes, yes, I know... how could The Celestrian being, "the action junkie that he is" actually like this? Simple, it was something thought provoking while still remaining DBZ in its nature. There was action today, but there was a balance, I had talked about an episode like this, and though it wasn't what I was first expecting, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Celestrian gives today's episode an overall score of: 4.6/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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