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Hour of Temptation (Episode 142)

The Summary

      Todays episode continued the battle between "Super Vegeta" and Cell. Vegeta is pretty much kicking the crap out of Cell for the entire episode. Even letting Cell grab him by the legs and attempt to absorb his energy, which Vegeta easily avoids and makes Cell pay for the mistake. To add insult to injury, Vegeta goads him on at every turn, even calling him a little baby.

     Meanwhile, Gohan has a dream where he almost turns Super Saiyan, and Goku helps him continue his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as well as increasing his skills. Goku is already looking like an Ascended Saiyan, with the super buff-ness that Vegeta has when powered up.

     As Vegeta trashes Cell, he finally acknowledges his son, and introduces him to Cell, claiming that he has let Cell deceive himself in thinking he had a chance. Trunks looks like he wants a piece of the action with that hardened face of his, and in desperation, Cell tries to bargain with Vegeta to let him absorb 18 and reach his perfect evolution appealing to his Saiyan nature. Will Vegeta let him do this…. Hmmmm

The Review

ANIMATION: Oh yeah, baby! This episode had plenty of what The Celestrian knows and loves; brutal action at breakneck speed! Man I love episodes like this. Another good episode to watch just for the action, and if you missed it, perhaps its time to follow my advice from an earlier review and get those programmable VCR's running. With Good action comes good animation, and there were plenty of scenes that showed just how talented the animators were, especially with Vegeta's blasts as he knocked Cell into the water.

CAMERA WORK/CHOREOGRAPHY: Once again, a good animation score carries over here. Excellent work with the animation choreography, from some dramatic cinematic sequences to a very interesting shot with Vegeta hovering upside down after he punished Cell for trying to use his tail on him, absolutely delicious!

MUSIC / SOUND: Well, this was pretty much like every other episode, and I guess it would be hard to have new music every episode. The music fit the situations, and I always liked Cell's "industrial-like" theme music.

VOICE ACTING: Well, in fight, there's lots of shouting and "cursing" so the voice acting sort of dives into a different area. By now, we've gotten used to Cells "new" voice, and Vegeta sounds like himself. There's not much more to say.

DIALOGUE: A lot of good "manly" dialogue today. We even had Vegeta say to Cell, "Well, let me make it easy for you, my back is turned…" just great stuff. Even when Cell asks Vegeta to lethim absorb 18, Vegeta replies, "You still sound like a baby trying to get his way…" Since there was a lot of action, there wasn't much "Dialogue" in the common sense, but it added some humor and the "Yeah!" factor to the action. Well done.

PLOT: Lots of action, but not TOO much in terms of "Plot". We did have some tidbits with Gohan's dream and Cell begging to merge with 18, buit other than that is was action-oriented today. Just fine with me.

OVERALL: WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! I resound my traditional call heralding the completion of an action packed episode. Loved it. Though I do feel plot is important, DBZ spells action for me and is the series' strongest suit. Now it would be interesting if the could combine a heavy action episode with a heavy plot episode. I would be most interested in see how that would turn out.

The Celestrian gives today's episode an overall score of: 4.7/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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