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Say Goodbye, 17 (Episode 137)

The Summary

     Well, today's episode was another step in the ongoing Cell saga with the battle of 16 vs. Cell still raging. It seemed that Cell, despite 16's strength was gaining the upper hand until 16 blasted his hand and scored a surprise attack. Then with a large effort, 16 slams Cell into the bedrock, removes his hands, and blasts the hole with tremendous energy.

     17 and 18 both think 16 won, despite his attempts to get them to flee as quickly as possible. Because of this mistake, Cell is able to sneak behind 17 and absorb him, too bad for everyone else. He then undergoes a transformation and looks much like Frieza in his third transformation with those funky lips of his. Tien is looking on while 16 gets trashed by Cell (half of his head gets destroyed…) and decides that he must do something. Cell's attention turns to 18, trying to convince her that it his her destiny to be a part of him. Just as he is about to absorb 18, Tien appears overhead and launches an awesome triple blast attack that knocks cells deep within the bedrock. Tien yells at 18 to flee while he continues to pummel an ever-angrier Cell in attempt to slow his advance.

     Meanwhile, Goku knows that Tien can't keep this up for long….

The Review

     Well, another action-oriented episode today, much to my utter delight. Tien coming through in the end was quite a surprise, and extremely entertaining.

ANIMATION: We got to see quite a bit of good work today! The main animation sequence in my mind is when 16 finally gets up after Cell trashed him shortly after merging with 18. With part of his skull gone, the animators super-imposed 16's technical schematic over his face, showing the inner robotic parts, including his skull. The action was well drawn, and the "New" Cell is pretty beefy looking, which I was not expecting at all when I first saw the change.                                                 5/5

CAMERAWORK / CHOREOGRAPHY: In animation, when the animation quality itself is good, then most likely this aspect of the episode/film is pretty good as well, since the animators ARE the cameramen and choreographers as well. This episode's choreographic emphasis was on building suspense. Most noted was the scene when Cell would not emerge from 16's blaster attack while 17 was rambling on about how strong they all will be, only to slowly rise behind him and absorb him. The Action choreography was typical DBZ; excellent.                                       5/5

MUSIC / SOUND: Though there was quite a bit of action today, I tried to pay special attention to this today. Much of the music was actually recycled from the Frieza Saga when Namek was on the verge of destruction. However, some of it actually fit the scenarios. Par.                                                                            4/5

VOICE ACTING: Also some new stuff today. The first to mention is that Cell's voice has changed now that he has gone to stage 2. He sounds a bit more "jock-like," with his new and improved beefy voice. 16's voice was slightly more animated today, though still retaining his slightly robotic sentence structure.                       4/5

DIALOGUE: Oh my… well, I guess every episode has to have a weak point somewhere. The dialogue was a mixed bag today, with most if it not being very good. "With us at your side, no one will ever touch our little gang…" This was when 17 was rambling when he thought 16 beat Cell. Pretty pathetic, especially since in the last few episodes he has been helped by just about everyone. He even thanked Piccolo for saving him. It's just inconsistent, and really doesn't make much sense.

PLOT: We had some advancement in the plot today! 17 is part of Cell, which brings up one step closer to… well you'll have to watch. This is one of the reasons I like the action in DBZ so much, in some of these saga's things just go on and on and on and on. I mean, it took almost three and half weeks for anything to really happen in the Frieza saga. Sure things happened, but nothing in terms of plot. So any advancement is good in my DBZ book.                                                      4/5

OVERALL: WooHoo. Notice the "woohoo" is not as long as Monday's. I loved the action, but it wasn't as furious as Monday's, and the dialogue soured my palette a little. I still think it was good, worthwhile episode, both in action and in plot. I hope Vegeta and Trunks finish up soon…

The Celestrian gives today's episode and overall score of: 4/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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