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Silent Warrior (Episode 136)

The Summary

      Ok, as you all know by now, 17 is obviously no match for Cell and yet he continues to fight. Well anyways 17 is literally in robotic pain enforced by Cell. 16 tells 18 she has to leave, and that he is going to attempt at killing Cell so the world won't be in danger. 16 proceeds towards Cell just as he his tail has begun absorbing 17. He touches Cell's shoulder and gives him a good punch to the face. Cell is surprised by 16's strength, as are the other androids. At this point, 16 says he challenged Cell because his data indicated he is just as strong.

     Cell challenges that thought and they go at it right away. During their rapid paced fighting it seemed like none of them had the upper hand. That is until Cell is able to pierce his tail into 16's neck. But Cell was unable to absorb or do any damage to 16 because of his design and model. They continue on with their fight, exchanging hit after hit. It soon appears that Android 16 has the upper hand. He was even able to rip off Cell's tail, which he thought would end the absorbtion problem. But Cell just regererated his tail, via Piccolo's cells. Cell explains this to 16, and also mentions about all the cells from the greatest fighters make him the strongest warrior. This shocks everyone witnessing the battle.

The Good & Bad: Hmmm you know what I realized? Funimation does have quite a lot of tunes, but the problem is they use the same music sequences over and over again in the same episode. Other episodes we hear different music, but it is just repeated too often as well. Despite this observation, this episode didn't really follow that pattern. Which is a good thing! The music during the part where 17 was getting the crap beat out him fit pretty well. It wasn't the best music, but it fit! And that is all that really matters. I don't think we want FUNimation to make the best possible soundtrack they can for the episodes, just music that actually fits the mood the scene is trying to portray. When 16 started walking off to challenge Cell, the music fit really well. Again it wasn't the best, but simply fit. No major corny lines in this episode, so I suppose FUNimation deserves brownie points for that. I liked the way they did the bee analogy at least. It isn't a! common occurance for most of the music to actually fit with the scenes. We got lucky on this episode, but I doubt this will happen too often.

Final Word: When an episode is dubbed poorly, I find myself if a bad mood after watching it. But after this episode I was in a good mood. So what does that tell you about it? Well it was one of the very few episodes that was somewhat pleasing to watch/listen to. Quite a rare occurrance, ..yes indeed (Quoth King Cold...nevermore). Anyways a lot of important events take place in the next episode such as the absorbtion of 17, the transformation of Cell, and the suicide attack from Tien. Definitely an episode with several different mood settings. Now if FUNimation feels it is necessary to apply that keyboard music, then so be it...I will be in another bad mood. But on the bright side I can just watch the original episode to fix me right up. Now this episode pretty much had good stats, but overall..the Cell Saga isn't going as great as I'd hoped it would (mainly music-wise). So if you want to get the most out of this saga, then go order some fansubs! If you are satisfie! d with what you have seen/heard so far then kudos to you.

My Rating: 4.7/5 (Good rating = Good mood, and Good mood means Good episode)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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