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Up To Piccolo (Episode 135)

The Summary

     Cell has made it, yep yep. He is definitely at the battle alright. And what does he want to do? Well he wants to absorb the 17 & 18 duh. Anyways Piccolo finds out that the androids do not even know who Cell is, and that comes as a shock in a way. Cell ,being in a hurry to attain his new power, begins to power up in front of Piccolo and the androids. As he powers up you can see ghostly images of all the innocent lives that were sacrificed against their will for his cause. Knowing that Cell has a greater power, Piccolo hesitates at making a move on him as he approaches 17. On the plus side, back at Roshi's, ChiChi tells Krillin he should fly and meet Bulma to get the controller. After Krillin takes off, Tien takes off towards Cell...not wanting to be an insignificant bench warmer. And why hasn't Goku joined in any of the fighting? Well he is still waiting his turn to go into the ..*cough* Hyperbolic Time Chamber *shudders*.

     Cell begins to approach 17 with plans of absorbing him. He begins darting his tail at 17, but he just dodges it. Soon after Cell is able to trap him on the ground and almost absorbs him until Piccolo intervenes. Cell immediately knocks Piccolo back, but this time he plans on finishing off Piccolo so he will have no more interventions while trying to absorb 17. Fearing for his life Piccolo unleashes a massive energy attack on Cell. There is a lot of smoke, and rocks falling....and what do you know...Cell is still alive. Anyways Cell levitates towards Piccolo, hinting a prelude to his death. Tien has arrived and is watching atop a nearby ledge, and can't believe what he is seeing. Before Cell begins his attack, Piccolo yells out to 17 to get out of here! In a moments notice Cell knocks Piccolo down breaking his neck. Then he picks him up by the shirt, and blasts a hole right through the left side of his abdomen. And lastly he throws Piccolo's lifeless body into the surrounding body of water. Everyone mourns over Piccolo's death, especially Goku and Gohan who are powerless to do anything. Cell sets his sites on 17 and tells him of his dire future. And thus another episode ends.

The Review

The Good & Bad: 16 talking about something else besides Goku and birds? Yep you heard it. This is the first episode where you get to see 16 actually display some emotion which, in this case, is fear. Anyways I didn't really think that yelling in a choppy robot tone sounded too great. Although his sentence structure fit his robotic voice (EX: "Escape is highly recommended"). I guess when they make him speak in presubjected terms it fits his voice well. But if they made him yell out something like "Run away right now!" a robotic voice wouldn't really fit. Anyways onto la musica--When Piccolo died we heard that same -Last Leg- music we got from the Freeza Saga. Now it fit the scene really well, but nothing to shed a tear over. And who do you think should have the biggest reaction to Piccolo's death? Gohan of course! But his anger and sadness wasn't really expressed too well when he was trying to fly down there to get revenge for Piccolo's death. All he did was yell "! It's not fair!" and "Let me Go!" with little emotion. The Japanese version showed Son Gohan in complete anger. It showed Gohan screaming with a lot more emotion than in the English Version.

Final Word: Alright, you all know the drill! In every review we always have to quote whether the episode had a decent amount of action in it or not. Well this had a fair amount, but it was all quick. For example, 17 assaults Cell and gets knocked down right away. Piccolo assaults him as well and is knocked to the side instantly. Cell is able to "kill" Piccolo with a kick/punch, and then blast him while standing still. So in other words, not really any commulative action. But enough to satisfy the hunger of someone who shall remain anonymous. Oh yeah and before I forget, they forgot to mention in the English version that Piccolo's neck was broken. Whether they did in the uncut or not we will have to see. But seriously is there anything wrong with knowing a guy's neck is broken? In real life, it would be hard to hide a broken neck. Mother: "Son why is your head leaning back and you are making snoring noises as your breath?" Son:"Nothin mother, just admiring the last of the ozone layer and gargling Scope". Ummm wow I really took Funimation leaving that info out to the extreme didn't I? Sorry for the accusations Funimation but, it is just SO like you to do these things.

My Rating: 4.1/5 (My head hurts and I am broke, so I am deducting points..sorry Funimation)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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