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Our Hero Awakes (Episode 131)

The Summary

Can't anyone stop that evil Cell! That big meany apparently absorbed many more people from another town, as the whole town is filled with nothing but clothing. The only life appears to be at the town airport, where people are running and screaming. And there appears to be some really frantic guy blasting with his machine gun at some unknown force (Cell?? nahhhh). The creature jumps down from the ceiling above and lands in front of the gun-wielding madman. This guy acts out of pure fear as he fires constantly at Cell. Unharmed by any of the bullets Cell just knocks the guy down and sticks his tail into the center of that guys chest, and !voila! the guy has disappeared.

Next Cell sets his targets on a young woman and her kid brother who are hiding under a nearby desk. They get out and start running from Cell, and he slowly follows them...just like the killers in "Halloween and Friday the 13th". And just like those movies, the girl has to! trip over something (which in this case happened to be a metal ledge). It looked as if Cell was finally going to give that girl and her brother that stab down, but right before he could spike them they vanished. Where did they go you say? Well the big hero of DBZ has rescued them. This of course is none other than Kurilan. Apparently Kurilan happened to notice Cell as he was on his way back to Roshi's. Aftering scoring a crush with the girl he rescued, Kurilan told her and her brother to get out of here. And so they did via airplane. Cell immediately begins to assault Kurilan but he uses the very technique that Cell used not too long ago....Solar Flare. During the flare Kurilan flew up to the airplane that the girl he rescued was flying away on. Suprisingly Cell comes up there too and punches a whole in the roof, but Kurilan flys around and headbutts Cell in the gut. Cell retaliates by knocking Kurilan into the right side of the airplane which soon made his ! head stick out the left side. It appears as if Cell is going to finish off Kurilan, but he notices that Piccolo and Tien are flying close by. So he spares Kurilan and flys off. Tien and Piccolo soon land and become infuriated because they just missed Cell.

Afterwards we see Trunks flying in the air. His destination? His father, of course. On the way he tries to make sense on why the timeline in this world is so shifted from his own time. He even pointed out that Cell noticed this as well. Trunks starts remembering back to his battle with Frieza 3 years ago and how he gave Goku the antidote to the heart virus he would soon catch. And when Trunks would come back to this timeline several things have changed. #17 and #18 weren't the androids that showed up at South city, it was #19 and android Dr. Gero. Also when they finally met with #17 & 18, there was one more android #16, that wasn't present in Trunks timeline. And now there is this creature Cell, who even has Trunks very same time machine. After thinking about all of this, Trunks begins to think he is responsible for changing this world's timeline. Regardless, Trunks knows what he must do to save this world...Train with his father Vegeta, and surpass Super Saiyan.

Meanwhile, Piccolo, Kurilan, and Tien are still at the airport trying to figure out where Cell could have gone. Little do they know that Cell is smirking up in the control tower. Anyways the other androids are getting extremely close to Goku's house (or so #16 says) by riding through a forest dodging trees and stuff. #18 doesn't want this to take very long so she clears the path ahead with one simple blast. #17 claims that #18 has ruined any chance of them having fun and continues driving off. After that little scene we are back at Roshi's house, with everyone except Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks watching TV as the reporter notes that Cell is attacking another city. The Z warriors immediately head toward Cell, but by their aircraft this time. If they fly Cell will know they are coming. All the warriors seemed to be positive that they will catch Cell offguard and outnumbered, and they will defeat him. Piccolo tells them that Cell might be expecting an attack like this.

It is only ChiChi and Roshi left. While carrying a bucket of water, the whole house suddenly begins to shake, and she falls forward towards Master Roshi. Roshi takes this opportunity to put the moves on ChiChi but she just knocks him into the wall. ChiChi then goes to check on Goku! And to her surprise Goku is not in his bed, nor in the room. Outside the window they see the water from the ocean up in the air compiled into a sort of dividing flow. Who could be controlling this? Looking down it is none other than got it, Goku! Da Man of Dragonball has finally recovered! ChiChi is very happy and jumps into Goku's arms, and he spins her around in the air. He accidentally throws her high up in the air while underestimating his strength (don't worry he catches her). Not long after this, does Goku explain that he must start his training right away. He has been following all the events that have been taking place in his dreams. Like Vegeta he must take his powers to the next level, and surpass Super Saiyan. That is all for this episode, yup yup.

The Review

The Good & Bad: Strange... they used mostly the same music in this episode as they did in yesterday's episode, but for some odd reason it didn't seem that bad. That just goes to show you that the music they use should only be used at certain times. Yesterday they used all the wrong tunes for certain parts. Anyways I have noticed that androids #17 hasn't been talking in that deep tone like in the past two episodes. He sounds kind of different talking in a higher tone, but then again his Japanese voice was always like that. Anything I disliked about the original content of this episode? Yes, the part where Trunks had the flashback of everything that has happened, and everything that was different about this timeline. I find it very annoying sometimes how they make us listen through the same stuff and view the same scenes over and over again. Well they had to find a way to fill in for time during the Cell saga I guess. Expect a lot of this in the upcoming episodes.

Final Word: Well besides the flashback and throughts Trunks had, this episode had its high points. This was a semi-action episode. Kurilan was part of the action this time around. The main point of this episode was to emphasize the possibility of surpassing a Super Saiyan, and of course Goku's Awakening in full recovery! Anyways as of right now, the progression of the episodes dubwise has come to sort of a stalemate. It hasn't really overall improved or gotten worse during the past 4 or 5 episodes. I dislike spoiling things for newbies, (but as if anyone that has the internet doesn't know what happens in the rest of DBZ) of my fav fights is coming up, Piccolo vs Jununagou (17)! I only hope at this certain part during that fight that FUNi puts in some descent music, I will reveal what sequence I am speaking of when it comes. Anyways ummm have a nice day.

Rating: 4.2/5 (FUNimation who's your daddy!? Seriously? Did he not tell you to "Turn that damn music off!")

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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