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Laboratory Basement (Episode 130)

The Summary

We are gathered around Piccolo at the start of this episode, as he starts explaining to Kurilan, Vegeta, and Tien that Cell has been living underground during most of the past 4 years he has been in this time. And that Cell will try to find Androids 17 & 18 at any costs. Trunks points out that it will be hard to find Cell because he is most likely going to keep his powerlevel low so they can't sense him, as he heads towards the androids. Vegeta speaks out at this moment and says that he doesn't care if Cell absorbs the androids, because fighting 1 battle is simpler than fighting 4. And Vegeta says that he will still be able to beat Cell, because he is a Super Saiyan from his warrior race. He also tells the others that he will ascend past the abilities and powers of Super Saiyan. Vegeta then flys off in a sort of angered mood, heading off to train. The Z warriors start wondering if it is possible to surpass Super Saiyan. Kurilan asks Trunks to repeat what would happen if they went back in time and destroyed the androids. Trunks again says that it will only help the world in that time only. From this, Kurilan said that destroying the Cell in Dr. Gero's lab won't change anything. Trunks explains that doing that will at least prevent another Cell from emerging in this world later on. At this point Piccolo tells Kurilan and Trunks to head to Dr. Gero's lab and find the embryo Cell and destroy him. And so they head there.

On the way to Dr. Gero's lab, Trunks starts questioning what Vegeta said earlier..."to surpass Super Saiyan". After that we get to have a look at what Gohan is doing at Roshi's place, and he is apparently training. With a call from his mother Gohan instantly takes out a capsule which releases a desk and study outfit. By the time ChiChi comes out, it appears as if Gohan was studying the whole time. Once ChiChi goes back inside, Gohan continues on with his training. Meanwhile, Kurilan and Trunks make it to Dr. Gero's lab, and Trunks immediately starts blasting the ground looking for the entrance to the lower level lab that contains Cell. After a little while they find a ladder that leads down the ground quite a ways. They follow it down and come across the doors to another laboratory and inside is Dr. Gero's Master Computer (brains behind the androids & Cell)and Cell in his larva form inside a tank. After looking at the Cell for quite a while and talking about what that thing will soon become, Trunks notices some blueprints on a table, and they happen to be Android 17's! Trunks grabs them and soon after Kurilan and him start blasting the laboratory and kill the young Cell along with the Master Computer..destroying the whole laboratory.

After that Trunks tells Kurilan to take the blueprints to Bulma, to see if she could figure out the androids weakness. Trunks says that he will go and train with his father, and show him that he is worthy to train along side of him. After that, Trunks and Kurilan head off in their separate ways. Meanwhile Piccolo and Tien come across the empty bus that once carried football players, and become disappointed that they cannot find Cell. Little do they know that Cell is standing in the center of Nicky Town preparing to suck the lives out of all of its inhabitants. Tien notices Cell's actions and tells Piccolo that Cell is close by. They both head towards Nicky Town but it is already cleared of any life and Cell is no where to be found. The scene jumps to Bulma trying to figure out a weakness in the androids design, so she can make a kill switch. Also #17 & #18 are almost at Goku's deserted house. And thus another episode ends.

The Review

The Good & Bad: Ok I will start off first by saying that, the music was pretty stale at times and not right for the mood most scenes tried to express. Even the music during the latter part of the Frieza Saga had more expression to it, and spruced up the scenes a bit. Again some episodes the music fits very well, other times it doesn't..this just happens to be one of them. Dialogue-wise this episode was almost on the mark. Again I am still more focused on the animation and story rather then the musical elements. The voices and dialogue improve but the music starts to lack a bit, I dunno what is going on with FUNi.

Final Word: Well we didn't really get to see too much action today. The highlights and importance of this episode would be the whole scenario at Dr. Gero's lab. I know..these explanatory episodes can kind of be a drag, but DBZ wouldn't do that well if it just had mindless bashing and killing every minute of every episode now would it? :) Don't miss these explanatory episodes if you are unfamiliar with the Cell saga, and need to know what is going on. And if you already know what happens and will happen then you can afford to miss episodes like these and wait til the action starts. In the words of that Toonami host "The best is yet to come."

Rating: 3.9/5 (Little action, and repeated information detract from this episode)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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