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His Name is Cell (Episode 128)

The Summary

Today’s episode pick up with the mystery guest performing the Kamehameha (“Kamehamehawe”) with Piccolo wondering how this guy could have the energies of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and King Cold.  As the blast explodes, and the smoke clears (remember DBZ fans, as Kaervek so intelligently pointed out “smoke means life”) Piccolo dodges the shot and looks at the smoke below.  Just then, our guest appears behind Piccolo and grabs locks onto him with both his hands and legs.  Then that tail of his spikes into Piccolo’s arm, and begins to drain his energy!  We see his arm beginning to shrivel with Piccolo screaming in pain…. Looks like the super Namek is finished…

 We then cut to the Kame House where Goku is sleeping peacefully with Gohan and Chi Chi looking on.  Goku actually stretches out as he is sleeping, which is a nice change.  Gohan runs downstairs to tell everyone how his dad is going to wake up while the gang is watching a news report of the destruction in Ginger Town.  The report shows that a troupe of tanks is on the way to dispense of the threat.  As they arrive, they a fire shots at the guest who still has Piccolo in his clutches.  In the explosion, it seems as if the army destroyed the threat.  Sorry, but thanks for playing.  The green guest appear behind the tanks and destroys one of them. The tanks then return fire, but the guest creates an air blast that puts out the rockets and causes them to hurtle towards the tanks, destroying them all.

After the tanks are destroyed, the guest finally gets back to Piccolo.  However, in a final desperate attempt to escape, Piccolo head butts the guy and manages to escape to the ground. As he lands we see Piccolo with a brown, shriveled left arm from the green guests tail.  The evil green guy (I’ll use his actual name shortly) tells Piccolo that with only one arm, he won’t be able to keep him back forever.

So Piccolo surrenders.

Yep, you heard me.

But before conceding, Piccolo asks who this guest is and where he came from.  The guest decides that since Piccolo is “dying to know” he will answer his questions. 

So here we go.

His name is Cell.  He is the result of years of work to create the perfect fighting organism by his creator, Dr. Gero.  Cell is an android.  Cell was actually Dr. Gero’s first android project, the concept behind cell was to combine the cells of the most powerful fighters in the universe and integrate them into one organism, but the process was too complex for Dr. Gero to complete at the time, so he postponed the project and turned to more immediate projects (the other androids). However, the computer continued to gather cells from the various fighters using a tracking device the size of a fly. Cells were collected from Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and even Piccolo, to name a few. Then a fortunate incident occurred, Frieza and his father arrived on the planet earth, and though Frieza was mostly machine, there were enough organic cells to collect after Trunks defeated him. Cells were also collected from his father, King Cold. The device would have also collected cells from Trunks, but the computer had determined that there was an adequate amount of Saiyan cells for the computer. So throughout the years the computer tirelessly worked on completing the project until 24 years from know, Cell emerged. However, in cells time, there was not enough fighters for him to reach his "perfect" fighting power. So cell learned that trunks had a time machine and decided to "borrow" it from him. After taking care of Trunks (yes, he killed him) he had to devolve into his larval state to get inside the machine. Cell only pushed a button and hoped that the machine would take him to a time when 17 and 18 were alive. Without the power of 17 and 18, Cell would not be complete and achieve his perfect final stage. It was only by luck did cell arrive at the time he did, because he only pressed a button. However, when he arrived at the present (4 years ago) he had to re-evolve from his larval state before he could search for them, and burrowed into the ground gathering strength until his recent emerging.


After this lengthy explanation, Cell asks Piccolo if they are done talking. And Piccolo replies he has heard all he needs to know. With that, he rips off his shriveled arm and out pops a new Namek arm (I wish I could do that!). And now that he has heard all he needs to know, he is determined to prevent Cell from being completed. And our episode concludes here.

Oh yes, some minor cut scenes with Trunks and Krillin, as well as the Androids and 17 insisting that 16's sensors will have to be recalibrated. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

The Review

Well, no action today, and a lot of plot explanations. I know this is fairly necessary, but this seems like the Frieza saga all over again, a day of action, a day of talk. A day of action, a day of talk, etc. I really hope this doesn't happen, otherwise this saga is going to DRAG ON AND ON. Which is what pissed me off about the Frieza saga the most.

Music, not mentionable, I was so busy soaking up the information I didn't even notice. The voice acting was well done. And the animation was pretty good too.

My review is short, because not much new has been seen. I can talk about music and action and plot until my teeth turn blue and your ears fall off, but a lot of it is the same stuff we have been talking about for weeks.

So here is my final word: Shut the F--- up and fight already!

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff

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