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Borrowed Powers (Episode 127)

The Summary

Today's episode starts with Piccolo (the new Piccolo) talking with the mysterious green creature. In this dialogue, the mystery guest reveals that he knows who Piccolo is, but will not reveal anything else about himself. In the meantime, the rest of the Z Warriors from the various points on the planet sense "Two Piccolos" from Ginger City (that's where the two are), then they feel Freiza and King Cold, then they feel Goku, but Goku is still in bed with the sickness at Master Roshi's Kame House, so what's the deal?

At the same time, the mystery guest (tomorrow's episode gives out his name, so I won't spoil it for those who have never seen future episodes), sucked the life out of one guy, which was pretty amazing, even the bones we're absorbed!

Finally, after enough talking, we finally get to what I have been waiting for… action. Our mystery guest reveals that he absorbs the energy of others to increase his power. And, while impressed with Piccolo's knowledge, he would still be a meal.

With that, the thing powers up, creating a crater in front Piccolo. Well, because his energy patterns seem identical to Frieza's and King Cold's, Piccolo is somewhat confused. Who isn't so far in this episode?

However, Piccolo ("The Namek") power up himself, ripping a HUGE crater while giving a brief monologue about, "He will now introduce himself," which is so powerfull, that even this new evil is pushed back and has to brace himself.

At the same time we have another one of the many brief cuts in the episode (that I really hate mentioning because on paper it makes things confusing), where Krillin and Trunks are on their way to Ginger City to check out what's going on and they feel Piccolo's new strength, Krillin also once again explain how Piccolo successfully fused with Kami to create a Super Namek.

Back to Ginger City, at this time, Piccolo generates a vicious attack that blasts the entire city, and since all the innocents were absorbed, Piccolo has no fear of using his full power at anytime. This blast knocks the "Mystery Guest" clear back and Trunks and Krillin could see the explosion from where they were.

At this time, our Lucky Foods truck comes to a complete stop, as 17 gets out of the truck and looks towards Ginger City, 17 can't tell exactly what is going on, but feels that something interesting may be happening. Just then, 16 comes out and explains that the explosion came from Ginger City, and that two great powers are fighting, though he cannot recognize the patterns, but says that one of the patterns is the same level as 17 himself. 17 then scoffs and proclaims that he is the strongest fighter there is, period.

We then cut back to some serious action (Thank goodness), Piccolo seems to be kicking the living crap out of his opponent, which is very fast paced and true to the Dragon Ball Z fights that we all love so well. But in a surprise move, the mystery guest stops and unleashes the exact same attack that Piccolo often used (Raditz), which was very powerful. So what does Piccolo do in the face of such an awesome attack, the very same attack that has won him so many battles? What could he possibly do if this thing was able to pull off this attack after the beating Piccolo just gave him?

He deflects it.

So once again, the two are in a stand off, as the guest reveals that he is not yet at full power, and though he knows much about him, there is, "much more he must learn," and with that gets into a Kamehameha stance, while his energy pattern shifts once again to be exactly like Goku's (all of the other Z Warriors notice this too, but there all quick little cuts), and launches as Kamehameha.

With that the episode ends.

The Review

You know, I am so glad this episode was much more action based today than plot, I'm not sure how many more lengthy summaries I was going to be able to write.

Action, action, action!!! That's what I love most about DBZ, and this episode didn't disappoint. Though hard to convey through a written summary, the fight between the two was very intense and fast, just the way we like it.

As far as music goes, eh. There's not much more I can say in this area, because I would just be repeating myself from previous reviews. The dialogue was still on the up side this episode, even complete with 17 asking the , "Why didn't you tell us you could do that?" and 16's reply, "Because you did not ask." At least they are trying to integrate something familiar into the dialogue.

This is a definte WATCH IT, DON'T READ ABOUT IT episode. Seriously, no review can really do the action justice. If you're once who missed today's episode, go rent it or watch it on the MIDNIGHT RUN in about a couple of weeks (Tonight, Frieza is being reconstructed, to give you a place marker on where the MR is).

The Final Word: I love action, and when the action makes it so that you don't have to worry about FUNimation trying to translate a whole bunch of things during the fight makes it much better. I was on the edge of my seat when Piccolo was at his best. I didn't even notice music, and some of the cliché dialogue became almost forgivable.

The Celestrian gives todays episode: 4/5

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff


DBZ, Imperfect Cell Encounter episodes 125, 126, 127.

Release Date: October 24, 2000
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