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The Reunion (Episode 126)

The Summary

This episode starts out in the air (does that happen often?). Trunks and Gohan are flying back to Master Roshi's and talking about the creature in the capsule at the same time. They are having a hard time figuring out what that creature is, and most importantly..who sent it there, and why?--Scenes skip directly over to our loveable androids. #17 waits impatiently in the van as 18 picks out an outfit from what she calls 'A hick store". She picked out some cowgirl outfit and walked out without paying for it. This upset the owner and he called the cops. The police started chasing down the androids, and #18 decided to take care of them. She got out of the van while it was still moving, flew back and punched her fist into the engine of the first car. Then she stood in the center of the highway and put hand arms out as the following two police cars came by. Her arms ripped right through those cars, and they crashed. That pretty much took care of the cop problem, and the androids continued on their way towards their destination.

Meanwhile, Bulma listens to the news in her air vehicle and she hears some startling info. The broadcaster stated that almost the entire population of Gingertown has mysteriously disappeared. Bulma notes that Gingertown isn't that far from the the time machine. She immediately calls Roshi's house and Kurilan answers. She tells him to turn on the news and does just that. Kurilan and the others at Roshi's listen on as they learn more about the situation at Gingertown. All that is left of the inhabitants of Gingertown are their clothing. Kurilan thinks that it is the androids doing, but Bulma states that she believes it is the creature from the time capsule. Soon, Gohan and Trunks arrive at Roshi's and notice what is on the news. It appears that there are more people struggling for their lives in Gingertown as there is gunfire and soon silence. Not long after that, do we see the reporter screaming right before the camera gets messed up(suggesting that the creature attacked the guy holding the camera).

At this moment Kami, becomes extremely worried. And as the gang at Roshi's watches on what is left of the camera transmission, they realize that whatever got the people of Gingertown, just got the reporter and the camera crew as well. We hop back up to Kami's lookout again. Piccolo wants Kami to explain to him what is going on. Kami says there is no need to do that because, Piccolo will know everything he knows, once they merge. This news excites Piccolo, but he states that Kami is merging into his body, not vise versa. Kami agrees and tells Piccolo to place his hand his chest. Mr. Popo tells Kami to reconsider, but Kami doesn't. For this is the only way he can be of any further use to the world. Out of no where we here Kami scream! And I mean scream! The process of merging is almost like a painful bowel movement, so Kami has to make as much noise as possible! With a huge bright flash of light, Kami and Piccolo are now merged.! Mr. Popo is astonished as he lays his eyes on this new namek. As the new namek heads towards its destination, Mr. Popo says "goodbye Kami" and the namek replies with "I am no longer Kami or Piccolo, I am a namek who has long since forgotten his name" (He will still basically be called Piccolo). Piccolo then flys towards his Earth.

Back at Roshi's house, Goku appears to be doing very well. The others are still watching the news on other channels. Trunks states that he has to go to Gingertown. The others tell him he better not go, but Trunks only assures them that he is a Super Saiyan, and that the androids are the only thing they need to worry about. Gohan wants to go with, but Trunks tells him he needs to stay in case the androids show up. Gohan reluctantly agrees, and Trunks flys off towards Gingertown. Now we get a look at the empty Gingertown, with no people...only clothing lying on the ground. Piccolo has landed and starts walking around, searching for the creature that depleted the town's population. He starts to hear several odd grunt noises around him. He turns around and sees a very strange looking insect creature, standing upright holding a human in his hand. The episode ends with Piccolo saying "So we finally meet face to face."

The Review

The Good & Bad: I really enjoyed this episode a lot! But don't jump to any conclusions yet! That doesn't mean that I liked everything FUNi did. The music started getting real stale at some parts, and didn't really fit..mostly the scenes involving Piccolo. I was impressed with the dialogue, especially the speech that Kamiccolo, gave about being a namek who has long forgotten his name. If the music was better, this would have almost been a perfect episode. Well technically I can't give the episodes on CN a perfect score because they are incomplete, since they are the cut versions. Anyways, it always seems that when an episode has very good dialogue, the music is very poor, and if the music is somewhat descent, the dialogue is off. Oh well, ..from what I heard from Cell's breathing and grunting noises, he probably isn't going to sound bad afterall!

Final Word: I really hope you didn't miss this episode. For some reason the atmosphere in the episode during the part on the news when we first witnessed the victim's clothing lying on the ground, was really eerie. And when Piccolo landed at Gingertown,...the fact that it was all empty, windy, and filled with clothing containing no bodies, added more emotion and elements to the story. Tomorrow you will get to see the action start with the new being (Cell). I find myself caring less and less about what music FUNimation put in, and how close their dialogue was. I am just glad that the American viewers finally get a chance to see this saga! A personal favorite of mine if you couldn't tell. Oh and by the way, I think tomorrow's title is a bit corny "Borrowed Powers". Celestrian will get into the details of tomorrow's episode.

Rating: 4.5/5 (FUNi give my love to the Mrs! You are improving a little bit [stressing "little"])

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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