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Seized With Fear (Episode 125)

The Summary

Trunks and Kurilan are still flying around in the air vehicle trying to look for that time capsule that Bulma was talking about. Bulma tells them that she will meet them there. For now only Trunks and Gohan are going to leave the the vehicle so they can fly by themselves towards to spot where this capsule was discovered. On the way over Gohan talks a little to Trunks about the horrors of Trunks future world, and whether they can stop the androids in this time... as to prevent this world from ending up like his. Trunks notes that there has to be some sort of way to deactivate those androids, because Dr. Gero would not have activated them, knowing they were rebellious.

No sooner do Gohan and Trunks arrive at the spot where the capsule is supposed to be. They walk around silently listening to the calls of the birds and the swaying of the trees along with some eerie music in this forested/country scene. Gohan spots the time capsule! And in the sky Bulma is approaching, Gohan tells Trunks he will be right back, for he is going to tell Bulma where they are. During Gohan's absense, Trunks entertains himself with feeding squirrels some nuts O_o. Bulma and Gohan touch ground and almost immediately Bulma asks Trunks how it feels looking at the younger version of his mother. Trunks just blushes and tells her she really isn't all that different (incestuous feelings? hmm). Getting down to business Trunks pulls out his compressed time capsule out of his pocket and releases it. He tells Bulma that both of the Capsules are one and the same. Bulma doesn't get it, and so Trunks goes and rubs off some of the moss on ! the old capsules' support leg, and the word "hope" is written on it. Trunks explains that Bulma wrote it on the capsule just before he left from the future, and that word is on his capsule as well. Gohan also notices that whatever was inside the capsule melted its way out of it, because there was a hole in the top of it. Trunks opens the lid and discovers what appears to be two pieces to a round, hard shell. He really does not know what to make of it. Bulma looks at the shells and suggests that they maybe egg shells or something. But what came out of that egg shell? Being the smart brainiac kid Gohan is, he uses all his intelligence to figure out that the thing in the shell is the thing that melted its way out of the capsule. Trunks notices something else very startling, the capsule's records state that it left from the future 4 years ago. In other words by the time Trunks arrived to fight Furiza, that capsule had already been there for a whole year!

For a change of scenes we switch over to Master Roshi's house. Oolong becomes worried that once the androids find Goku's house and discover he is not there, their next target will be Roshi's house. Roshi calms everyone down by assuring them that he is the World Martial arts master. Regardless, Porky is still nervous..and hungry at that. Anyways we get to check up on the androids progress. #18 starts commenting on how #16 is just being silent, when he should be excited that they are nearing Goku. #17 tells her to relax and not worry about it. They will reach Goku soon and she can get some new clothes...yay.

Back at the time capsule, Gohan and Trunks have decided to get ready to leave. They need to go back to Goku and the others, since the androids are gonna be there soon. Trunks and Gohan put the time capsules back into their compressed form and get ready to leave. Bulma says that she will take the shell pieces back to her place so she can study them. Out of no where Gohan appears to have noticed something behind the bushes. It is the skin of a very large insect. They figure that this could be the creature that was in the time capsule. Trunks sticks his hand in the molted exoskeleton, and pulls out a handful of wet slime. Whatever molted out of that skin is still close by. Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma are worried now (insert dramatic music). After finding out that all those odd noises they heard were just the forrest animals, they all decide it is time to go. Bulma is the first to head off and no later do Trunks and Gohan follow.. .totally pu!zzled.

The scene takes to a greater height as we are on top of Kami's Lookout. Kami mentions that during the past 4 years he has felt some presence threatening the earth, and it was not the androids. It is the creature that was in that time capsule. Even though this is really serious Kami says he will not merge with Piccolo until the creature shows itself. ~FIN~

The Review

The Good & Bad: I do not really know whether this is good or bad but, didn't Trunks voice sound a little... deeper in this episode? I almost didn't recognize it at first. Either FUNi got someone new or they told Eric Johnson to give Trunks a lower tone. Anyways, fellow DBZ fans today was a historic day for DBZ. Yep, something many of the fans most likely never expected out of the whole series of Dragon Ball Z. Mrs. Briefs actually opened her eyes. For a whopping 4 seconds at that! I guess it makes sense that she has blue eyes hehe.

Anyways, we got a new dose of music today from FUNi. We heard it while Trunks and Gohan were looking for the time capsule. It wasn't all that bad, but not too rememberable or I would be able to tell you what it sounded like right now. The dialogue was very good at many parts in this series, very few flaws. FUNi didn't decide to change any of the story or conversations that drastically. For the least part, I was pleased.

Final Word: I bet this episode just makes most of you new viewers edgy! You want to find out what happens next huh? Well you have two options. Get them subtitled from some fansub dealer, or watch them 1 at a time with 23 & 1/2 hour interludes on CN in English. We are one episode closer to my favorite part of all the DBZ series. As for today's episode, nothing much I can really say about it (did I mention that Mrs. Briefs opened her eyes? wait I did.) This episode was a real attention grabber though. American Television's first glimpse at one of DBZ's most infamous villains is not far off!

Rating: 4.3/5 (4.3 on my scale = about 3.8 on Celestrians heh.)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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